Instructional Leadership Needs Assessment


 Rank order the areas of your school where you feel you need to focus more time (1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest):


Teacher’s feeling of collective responsibility for the success for all students_____

Inclusive Environment for all Children_____

Student Responsibility for their behaviors_____

Common Core State Standards and NGSS Aligned Guaranteed Curriculum_____

Clearly articulated learning targets____

Instructional strategies____

Habits of the Mind____

An aligned language for student discipline_____

Professional Learning Communities____

Goal Setting____

Celebrations for learning_____

New Teacher Mentoring______

Personalized learning_____

Climate and Culture_____

Parent and community engagement_____

A living vision and mission_____

2.  List your personal goals


What are the 3 hardest goals that you achieved and accomplished?


What are the 3 challenges that you face right now?

3.  Define your school’s culture

Describe the cultural barriers that are holding your school back.

Describe how you involve teachers in decision-making.

Describe the school teams that are operative in your school.

What are your goals for this year?

Where is the trust quotient within your school high?

Where is the trust quotient needing development?

List 3 adjectives that describe you at your best.

List 3 adjectives that describe you at your worst

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